Welcome to Riverside Inn!

In the heart of the fenland, just fifteen miles north of Cambridge lies bustling and vibrant city of Ely. The city is on the River Great Ouse and on the most beautiful stretch of river bank you will find us - Riverside Inn Guest House.

This elegant house was built in 1888 and offering a combination of classic original charm with some innovative and modern touches, warm and relaxing feeling, friendly environment and stunning views across riverside. Just minutes walk from Ely’s railway station, city centre and Cathedral location of Riverside Inn is more than perfect!

So, at any time of the year and whatever you choose to do in Ely, whether it is to enjoy the shops and markets, or to take advantage of the spectacular views and relaxing surroundings, this is the City which is a delight to visit and you always welcome to Riverside Inn, small, friendly, family run Guest House.

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Riverside Inn

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Ely Marina